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2006 - 2007 Room 10 All Star Roster


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Ms. Carolan's class


Hannah Rowan Megan   Andrew Nathan Tyler Linsey
Anthony Typhanie Hunter   Riley Cindy Ellie Stephen
Ross Greta Drew   Noah Kelsey Sarah Kenny
Alex Spencer Jo Jo   Kelley Jacob Mark Joung




MACUL Student Technology Lansing Showcase Notes!!!

MACUL Student Technology Detroit Showcase Notes!!!


Comments (14)

Anonymous said

at 3:49 pm on Feb 23, 2007

just joking I practiced about 1 hour last night

Anonymous said

at 3:50 pm on Feb 23, 2007

no it is also kewlio

Anonymous said

at 3:13 pm on Apr 12, 2007

Hi this is like so much fun i can't believe it

Anonymous said

at 5:01 pm on Apr 12, 2007


Anonymous said

at 9:08 am on Apr 17, 2007

hi every one

Anonymous said

at 3:04 pm on Apr 27, 2007

hi eveyone i am just having not fun bye

Anonymous said

at 9:01 pm on May 1, 2007

i love cookies lol

Anonymous said

at 11:44 am on May 26, 2007

hi whats up??

Anonymous said

at 4:59 pm on May 31, 2007


Anonymous said

at 9:31 am on Jun 2, 2007

hi people!!!

Anonymous said

at 2:21 pm on Jun 2, 2007

hi riley

Anonymous said

at 11:06 pm on Jun 14, 2007

I'm bord!!!
bu bye
- Sarah

Anonymous said

at 7:10 pm on Feb 27, 2008

wat up if anyone will ever see this again. i wish someone would. Miss everyone

Anonymous said

at 7:13 pm on Feb 27, 2008

lololololololololol who am i u don't know do ya? Later

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